Saturday, March 15, 2008

Giveaway...Time and Sanity

I admit it!!

I can't keep track of when I opened the baby food jars. So instead of risking a sick baby, I will throw away food (and money) that may still be good.

Well, Angela at 7 Dogs and A Baby has found the perfect solution in Days Ago timers. These ingenious devices keep track of time that your brain cannot and it tracks the days so you don't have to. Perfection!

Here is a little about what Angela says: "I actually saw these cute little gadgets for the first time when I was browsing a magazine in my doctor's office. I thought for a few seconds about how adorable they were and went along my merry way. A few months later I kept thinking about how useful they would be for this, or that, and you know I never imagined just how many things you could use the Days Ago Timers for!"

I personally have thought of lots of uses for these little gadgets and I know you will, too!

If you would like to win some, go to 7 Dogs and A Baby to enter to win them.


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