Saturday, March 15, 2008

Buttoned Up Giveaway!! Save your sanity.....

Angela over at 7 Dogs and A Baby has found the solution to saving (some of) your sanity: Do&Delegate.List from Buttoned Up.

Here is a little about what she has to say:
'The Do&Delegate.list from Buttoned Up helps me keep my ever growing list of baby and school projects under control as well as helps give me an idea of when I've just got too much on my plate and I need some help.'

Buttoned Up has some great products that you will want and need to help you keep your life in order, on track, and properly recorded! Check them out.

Then go to 7 Dogs and A Baby and enter to win a Babypack.pad and a Pocket.doc of your very own.

This contest ends March 16th at midnight. Go Now!


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