Saturday, March 15, 2008

ErbaOrganics Giveaway

7 Dogs and A Baby has another great giveaway, this one is from ErbaOrganics. They have a great product line, so go check it all out.

"I know mom's obsesses what goes IN their babies.. but what about what goes ON your baby? I admit, I don't always think about it. The folks over at ErbaOrganics have me marching to a different tune.ErbaOrganics baby and mommy bath products are not only organic (most products ranging from 77% to 100% organic) but with every baby wash and baby oil sold, ErbaOrganics donates 15% of the profits to WWO. WWO stands for Worldwide Orphans Organization and you can read more about them here." Read the rest of Angela's post on her blog, over at 7 Dogs and A Baby.

Two winners will get a sample pack from ErbaOrganics.
Enter today! Visit 7 Dogs and A Baby and follow the rules to post your entry before March 21st.


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