Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some things just call your name!

I have wanted to change my blog for a long time, but I am a little lost. Right now, I'm working hard to change all of that. Consequently, when I found out that Kelly McCausey released this info about these events...I was inclined to feel that it really spoke to me! I want to get my hands on her amazing wisdom. This is the same great lady who convinced me to join twitter and she was 100% correct on that. The Monday Morning Breakthroughs with Kelly have been outstanding for me too. Don't know what I am talking about? Go to her site to learn more....and don't miss her Blog Internship program.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? Blogger Mommies

Blogger Mommies

At Blogger Mommies there are several great giveaways going on that I just had to tell you about! Make sure you enter this first one for the Coobie bra. The review sounds like this one seriously perfect bra! It seems that anyone with boobies will love a Coobie! :)

>> Coobie Bra! The most comfortable 'one-size-fits-most bra' giveaway {6 winners} >>Enter Here.

>> BusyBodyBook Organizer >>Enter Here.

Oh my! These are both MUST HAVES!! I will be at BloggerMommies entering as much as I can. I will apologize in advance for all my entry tweets. These are outstanding prizes and much needed!

All of the giveaways listed in this particular post will end on the 1st of December {2009}!

So, if we have to have a disclaimer for every product and giveaway, what about for everyone else's products and giveaways? Is a disclaimer for every post necessary now?
Ex: *I really love the BloggerMommies. They have great reviews and wonderful giveaways.
I am entering these giveaways, but I cannot be held responsible for your experience with Blogger Mommies or their sponsors. I was not compensated monetarily to post this announcement, but did receive extra entries into their giveaway.* What do you think?

Win, What, Where?!? The Shopping Mama ...giveaways ending soon...

These are giveaways going on at The Shopping Mama that are ending this week. Hurry and get your entries in. There are also lots of other giveaways at her site, especially during her All About Baby event.

Ending 11/18: Medela Freestyle Breast Pump >>Enter Here.

Ending 11/18: Sesame Street activity Center >>Enter Here.
The Shopping MamaHoliday Gift Guide

Friday, November 13, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? The Shopping Mama 'All About Baby' event rolls on....

The Shopping Mama

Giveaways, more giveaways, and even more giveaways! AND all these giveaways are All About Baby! Excitement abounds...I love the thrill of {having the chance of} winning!

Ending 11/16: Safety1st Air Convertible Car Seat >>Enter here.

Ending 11/20: Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover or HooterHider >>Enter here.

Ending 11/20: Aden+Anais Muslin Sleeping Bag >>Enter here.

Ending 11/20: Jeep G-Edition Umbrella Stroller >>Enter here.

Ending: 11/25: $100 Target Gift Card from ShopAtHome.com >>Enter here.

Ending 11/27: Boon FLAIR High Chair >>Enter here.

Ending 11/27: Graco Pack 'n Play {w/Newborn Napper} >>Enter here.

Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? A Working Blogging Mommy

A working blogging mommy

>> Great giveaway at 'A Working Blogging Mommy'!

Win a Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel in your choice of print and size {baby or toddler sizes}.

{Click on the link to open her page and follow directions on how to enter}

This giveaway ends Nov. 27th.....enter today!

Nurse Mommy
Don't miss the holiday event!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? Thrifty and Chic Mom

Thrifty and Chic Mom

There are great giveaways for baby and momma going on at Thrifty and Chic Mom. Click on the name of the giveaway to open her page. Good luck!

Ending 11/12: Aden+Anais Muslin Wearable Blanket

Ending 11/17: A Pair of boots from Sorel

Ending 11/19: Burp in Style with burp cloths from The Baby's Bundle

There are even more to enter on her site!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reinventing myself......

I have been less than inspired by my blog so far. It is ok, I guess, but it doesn't speak to anything specific about my life, family or interests. So, for those who follow I will make sure to let you know when I have found my new home. Even if you do not follow, if you have suggestions, please make sure to take a moment and leave me a comment on things you like to see featured. Thanks!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Clorox Clean-Up 'Power a Bright Future' grant campaign

'We as Moms find it so valuable for our kids to participate in extracurriculars. But with scale backs and cuts due to the economy, our kids' sports, music lessons, clubs, and youth groups often fight to stay afloat, struggling to find the budget, volunteers, and space to hold activities. Clorox Clean-Up, the only all purpose cleaner powered by Clorox Bleach, can help. This winter, the Clorox Clean-Up team will award five grants of $10,000 each to applicable kids programs in the hopes of enriching kids' lives across the country.

Moms can easily nominate programs for a chance to win a Power A Bright Future grant by submitting a photo and a short essay about the project for consideration until November 29, 2009 at www.facebook.com/cloroxcleanup. A panel of influential children's advocates will select finalists based on impact of the program on kids, the quality of the entry sent in, and most promise for the grant to help the program grow. Then, the public will have the chance to vote on Facebook between December 7th and January 17th, 2010 with everyone receiving a Clorox Clean-Up coupon as a thank-you for voting.'

*I wrote this post while participating in a blog campaign with MomCentral on behalf of Clorox CleanUp. I was not compensated for this post in any way.*

Win, What, Where?!? Blogger Mommies

Blogger Mommies

Blogger Mommies seems to have some of the very best finds for babies and mommies alike! If you haven't been to their blog, then you have definitely missed some of the best giveaways around! Don't miss these:

Ending 11/09 ~ No Slip Charlie Gloves giveaway: get a grip on your wet baby! Great review and great giveaway! These gloves would be the *perfect* shower gift (or Christmas Gift) for a new mom! {Open to US only}

Ending 11/09 ~ Easy PC Unit by Comfy Toddler, Inc. giveaway: designed with your toddler's education (and your sanity) in mind! How does it get better than that, mama?! {Open to US & Canada only}

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? The Shopping Mama

The Shopping Mama

There are some big changes AND Great giveaways right now at The Shopping Mama!
She is hosting an 'All About Baby' event right now and these giveaways are perfect items for any baby (or any mama)!
Some are ending soon, so don't delay!

Ending 11/02: Elephant Ears giveaway
....Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest for infants, a great accessory for baby...

Ending 11/02: Pedoodles Shoes giveaway

Ending 11/04: HALO Sleep Sack giveaway
...The Sleep Sack by HALO can help to prevent SIDS....

Ending 11/11: Nap Nanny giveaway
...Nap Nanny is a sleep wedge to keep baby at a comfortable angle for easier & more peaceful sleep! This is a must-have for any baby (and any mommy)! ....

Ending 11/11: Boppy Pillow and 'BoppyBaby' Tee giveaway
...make sure you visit Boppy for the full line of great baby products...

Holiday Gift Guide
Also, make sure you peruse the Holiday Gift Guide!
The Shopping Mama has done the shopping for you already!

Note: The links to her page are changing as she re-formats. I am trying to update this post accordingly. Sorry for any incomplete links or confusion. Leave a comment if you have a problem getting to a giveaway. THX!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10% off Skitter Cars

From the Blogger Mommies website:
'We were so pleased with all of the entries received in our recent Skitter Toys Giveaway...we had 623 entries! Skitter Toy company gave away 1 Skitter Ride On Toy for every 100 entries, so that was a total of 6 lucky readers who won a New Skitter.

We (the Skitter Toy company & BloggerMommies) wanted to give a Special Thank You to all of our wonderful readers for making this Review & Giveaway such a Great Success AND so much Fun, so the Skitter Toy company has created a Special Discount Code for our Readers.

To receive 10% off a Skitter Ride-On Toy, just enter Code: BloggerMom at the time of checkout.
Go to www.SkitterToys.com to see all of their Skitters & Skitter Accessories and to place an order!'

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any party to pass on this information. It is my opinion that the Skitter Ride-On Toy is an excellent product to own. Your experience may vary.*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hair Care tips for swimmers

Anne at A Latte in the Morning posted a wonderful question about caring for her daughters hair because of excess exposure to chlorine. Do you have any secret tricks to avoid chlorine damage? Here was my comment:

'Some tips: Before she goes into the water put some conditioner in your hand and scrunch it into the ends of her hair. The water(&chlorine) are absorbed through hair ends, like a wick of an oil candle, and that is why the ends take the most damage. The very best solution is to do this and also wear a swim cap. I was on a swim team all through school. No matter how short you cut her hair it will continue to be seriously damaged unless you close the hair shaft with conditioner or cover the hair with a cap. If you put conditioner on her ends & then put it up into a swim cap, her body heat will actually help the conditioner absorb * it will act like a conditioning treatment--all while she swims. A product I LOVE is BioSilk Hair Silk oil. It has saved my hair and now I have hair down to the small of my back and it hardly gets damaged when I use BioSilk. The silk oil is more expensive than conditioner, but it is not as gooey or heavy and it absorbs into hair and doesn't weigh it down as bad. Good luck....if you really teach her to care for her hair it will be a priceless lesson for the rest of her life. I am adamant about it because I had to learn the hard way when I was a swimmer.'

Were you ever a swimmer? Ever have trouble with split ends, even if you are not a swimmer? Ever tried BioSilk?? Lets discuss......

Take Me Back Tuesday--Childhood Best Friends

How do you play along?
We all have tons of photos from the days before the digital camera. I figure if I just scan a few each week, eventually I will get them all safely into my computer. But you don't need a scanner to participate - Just find a photo that takes you back to another time.
Head back over to A Giveaway
Addicted Mommy and Link up.

This is me (center)
and my best friend (the red head) in the 6th grade!

So, recently I 'stalked' the internet searching for my best childhood friend. We both moved away from that town after our 6th grade year.
I actually found her on Facebook. I haven't seen or talked to her in almost 20 years! Now I feel like a true stalker!!! She might even think I am insane.

She was sweet enough to send me this photo of our middle school cheerleading group. For 20 years, I have missed her companionship. I am sure we are completely different people now, but I wanted to find her just to know she was happy and well.

Have you ever searched for 20 years for someone you dearly missed?

Great quote from one of my Tweeples.....

Twitter has been very addictive for me lately. I swore I wouldn't sign up. Swore up and down I wouldn't sign up. Then Kelly McCausey made me! I don't like MySpace, at all! Facebook I tolerate, but I accept very few friends. Twitter, I love!

Here is a gem I just found:

@babyorganics RT @AlphardBarret: Eric Hoffer~ You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy.

I LOVE a great quote! Sometimes I feel that someone else has already said it best. If you twitter, leave your twitter name so you can be followed!

P.S. A 'tweeple' is a person on twitter you follow.....get it? All the new techie slang is a whole other language!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy has me addicted to her giveaways!!!

> Ending 10/13: FLOR 5x7 rug ~ choice of rug from FLOR.com (some exclusions)

> Ending 10/14: PricePfister Faucet ~ choice of one of four faucets from PricePfister.com

> Ending 10/16: ERGO ~carrier and Heart2Heart insert from ErgoBaby.com
My favorite Ergo: Galaxy Grey

> Ending 10/20: MiniStar Boots ~

> Ending 10/20: $230 Pearl Earrings from Pearl Paradise ~

> Ending 10/30: Vivitar ViviCam T328 ~ Digital Camera from Vivitar.com

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Blog Award!

Bobbi at Giveaway Addict included me while awarding the Best Blog Award!
I am very honored and humbled!

The Best Blog Award rules are:

1) To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

My 10:
{these are blogs I have found most recently and think are great}

Katydid And Kid
The IE mommy
Casual Friday Everyday
The Nurse Mommy
A Working Blogging Mommy
A Giveaway Addicted Mommy
Pink & Posh
My Sentiment ExactLee
Blogger Mommies
Pretty Pink Momma

10 MORE that are EXCELLENT!
{that you simply must know about}

Metropolitan Mama
Mom Trends
Seven Dogs and a Baby
A Mom in Red High Heels
Jolly Mom
Go Graham Go
The Ohana Mama
Classy Mommy
Two of a Kind Working on a Full House
The Shopping Mama

*Hey! Now I can blog-hop off of my own list here!*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Fall to you all!

I found DesignsByBine.com today and I thinks her designs are adorable.
If you have a WordPress page and are looking for anew design, make sure to visit her.

I have heard the praises of WordPress sung from many a rooftop and I am seriously contemplating making the switch.
Not only a switch of format, but possibly switching my blog name.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? The Shopping Mama

I am need of a new stroller, so I am really excited by The Shopping Mama's giveaway of a Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller. This stroller has amazing features and it seems that Bumbleride thought of everything when they designed this stroller. Enter before October 14th.

The Shopping Mama

To see all the great features of this stroller, visit Bumbleride.

For other great giveaways visit The Shopping Mama!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? Blogger Mommies

Blogger Mommies is a new blog I found, and I wanted to spread the news because they have some really awesome giveaways going on! The Blogger Mommies blog is a group formed by The Baby Store Plus and they are featuring these great prizes right now:

~Ending 10/12: ScareMeNots
>These plush monster dolls are super-helpful protectors of bedtime (and mom's sanity). They are funky and fun and help your child feel safe and comfortable in their room alone at night!
>You can also check out this whole gang of cool bedtime buddies at www.ScareMeNot.com

~Ending 10/13: Skitter the Self-Propelled Ride On Toy
>This giveaway is pretty special because for every 100 entries there will be 1 winner of a Skitter! That means that 300 entries would yield 3 winners!
>I think this is very generous and it makes me really excited to think that I may have a higher chance of winning this stellar ride on toy for my little man!!!! {T} would LUV this.....and I love that it requires no batteries! This is a 'kid-powered' only toy. How very 'green' of you Skitter!

~Ending 10/19: $25 GC to SproutBaby.com

As always, different blogs have different entry methods so you must read their directions and follow instructions so your entries will count. Good Luck!!

The workings of 'A 2 year old's brain'


Doodle by Lee. The code for this doodle and other doodles you can use on your blog can be found at Doodles.

I found this at Jolly Mom and I thought it was spot on! I want it blown up into a poster. That way anyone in our home will know (visually) how things run around here!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I burst into tears! Please pray for Emma Crew!

When I read this post I burst into tears! Baby Emma is currently in the hospital recovering from massive head trauma suffered at the hands of her daycare caregiver!!! Unthinkable....

My heart aches for Emma, for her devastated parents, for her heartbroken sister, for those who love her and want to see her well again, and for all the babies in the world who are not looked upon as angels, as they should be......

Follow Emma's progress, and....

If you have the means to donate to the Crew family, there is a button on the right side of their blog where you can do that. Emma's parents have both taken an indefinite leave of absence from their jobs to stay by their daughter's bedside. Any and all donations would be a huge blessing.

My soapbox statement:
I am so thankful for my son. So overjoyed for every moment that I spend with him....even when I am frustrated at his stubbornness. That said: I REFUSE to put my son in day care! I have always known that I would fight tooth and nail to avoid that system at all cost. We live in FL and about twice a year we hear of babies left in the daycare van and dying from heat, or other daycare tragedies, and now I am heartbroken to hear of EMMA.
We struggle financially and I have been
belittled (multiple times), even by my best friend, for not putting my son in daycare and getting 'a real job' ....but, caring for my son is the most 'real', most important job that I was put on this earth for.....and no one else's opinion matters.
I am not criticizing other parents, I am just saying that I made every change possible in my life to earn money working from home because being the caregiver of my son was the #1 job to me....something I will trust
no one else in the whole world with......an incident like this is why......so don't tell me to get a real job, and don't tell me that I am wrong for what I do OR the choices I make, and I won't have to tell you that my son was almost killed by a careless-minimum-wage-daycare-worker!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters {Review&Giveaway}

Today, I had the chance to try Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters.
When I opened our front door this morning, we had a package from MyBlogSpark waiting on the step. The box contained a Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters "Snack Pack". We
immediately opened our box, tore into our packages of Nut Clusters and sampled away. Of course, my son was amazed with all of the goodies!

What surprised me was how much my son, {T}, loved them. I have seen Nut Clusters in the store and they appeared delicious, but I did not purchased any beca
use I was afraid the clusters would be too hard and too large for {T} to eat, since he is two years old with a small mouth and sensitive (almost brand new) teeth. Boy was I wrong! His hand has been back into each bag countless times and he says, "Mmmmmm, eat, yum!" Eventually, I had to put all the bags away so he wouldn't over-stuff himself. Points are scored for keeping {T} happy. Happy boy=happy momma. Now, I think all parents worry about what their child consumes, so I read the label and realized I can love them for more than just their great taste!

Here is what I appreciate the most about Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters:
>Great taste!
>100% Natural!
>No High Fructose Corn Syrup!
>No Food Coloring!
>Snackable, bite-size clusters that were easy to break in half for {T}.
>Not too hard, just crisp and delicious.

I have been on a mission to make our family's eating and snacking habits more healthful. Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters will most definitely be a snack of choice for our home and a staple in our pantry from now on.

There are four flavors of Nut Clusters available to choose from:

>Nut Lovers~Cashews, pecans, peanuts, granola & a touch of honey
>Roasted Cashew~Roasted cashews, granola & a touch of honey
>Roasted Almond~Roasted almonds, granola & a touch of honey
>Honey Roasted Peanut~Honey roasted peanuts, granola & a touch of honey

My favorite flavor is the Nut Lovers. {T} seemed to love them all equally. I couldn't keep his little hand out of the bags. I think he did enjoy the Honey Roasted Peanut the most, though.

Another note: These Nut Clusters are delicious crumbled into a cup of your favorite yogurt. This combination would be a delicious and healthful 'breakfast on the go'.


My Blog Spark has generously offered one Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters "Snack Pack" prize pack to one of my readers! The "Snack Pack" prize pack includes all four (4) varities of Granola Nut Clusters, a sling backpack, stainless steel reusable water bottle, flashlight and binoculars.

To enter, follow the directions as listed and leave a separate comment for each entry method. Main entry is required before other entries will count. Any entry that does not qualify will be deleted. Please make sure your comment is on topic so it will count toward your entry.

Main Entry: Leave a comment telling me what you think your favorite flavor of Nut Clusters would be and who in your home will enjoy snacking on them the most.

Easy, right?! For extra entries.....
  • Follow me on Google Friend Connect (right hand side) and leave a comment telling me that you do.
  • Follow me on Twitter (@MyBloggyMind) and Tweet this giveaway. You must do both for this entry method to count. Include @MyBloggyMind in your tweet. Comment here with your direct twitter status link. You may do this ONCE daily.
  • BLOG about this giveaway on your own blog, including a link to this giveaway. Then, come back here, leaving the direct URL of your blog post in your comment.
*You may enter anytime now through October 20th, 2009 at 11:59pm EST (EasternStandardTime)*

If your email address is not visible on your profile, or if you comment anonymously, please leave your email address within your comment. If I cannot find your contact information, you will be ineligible to win.
Giveaway open to US and Canadian Shipping Addresses only.
At the end of the giveaway, a winner's name will be drawn at random. I will contact the winner by email shortly after the end of the giveaway. The winner will have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within the given time frame, a new winner will be drawn.

**Disclaimer: A sample of this product was provided to me by MyBlogSpark to facilitate my review. I was not compensated in any other manner for this review. The opinions are solely my own, as posted here on my blog. Information regarding the product is correct to the best of my knowledge. **
**Extra Disclaimer note: I am completely honest in my blog posts. I had a wonderful experience testing (and consuming) this product. Not all experiences may be the same as mine. Carefully read all labels for ingredients to avoid any food allergies or other dietary interactions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your doctor regarding allergies and diet and how they pertain to you. I cannot be held responsible for the experience you may have with this product. Thank you for understanding the need to post this disclaimer**
Blog Search

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thankful Chores

In the middle of my chores I try to remind myself:

*Be thankful for dirty dishes, it means we have plenty to eat.
*Be thankful for dirty laundry, it means we had lots of messy fun together.
*Be thankful for a dirty floor, it means there are many active feet in my home.
*Be thankful for the dust, it means I was too busy with my little one to notice it settling.
*Be thankful for being so tired, it means that I am a mom!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

General Mills Announces Innovative Effort

I just received some news that was announced in late September at the Fifth Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting, and I want to share that news with you.

President Clinton introduced a unique commitment between General Mills and CARE called ‘Join My Village,’ an innovative online community that is fighting poverty in Malawi through the empowerment of women and girls.

Malawi is among the world's least developed and most densely-populated countries in the world.

Join My Village is setting out to drive measurable and long-term positive impact with women and families in Africa by tapping into the inherent power of women to connect with, and provide strength for, other women.

Here’s how you can get involved:
  • Visit JoinMyVillage.com and join one of ten village teams to benefit approximately 75 villages in Malawi.
  • Participate in simple online activities that “unlock” General Mills donations to fund CARE’s poverty fighting programs in the Malawi villages. (Limit of 3 activities per person per day, and unlocking up to $15,000 per online village team or $150,000 in total.)

To learn more about Join My Village and help unlock funds to empower women and girls in Malawi visit JoinMyVillage.com.


{Disclaimer: I received this news as a member of Pssst..., and I am sharing a message that is correct to the best of my knowledge.}

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? MomTrends

It is almost the end of the month and I have missed out on entering some of the giveaways over at MomTrends. Which giveaways have you forgotten to enter?

~~~Diaper Dude for Hip Dad

~~~Splendid Little Giveaway

~~~Appaman Outfit

*All giveaways: Ending 09/30! Enter each seperately and make sure you follow the directions on how to enter. Good luck! Let me know if you win.

Recipe: Homemade CC Frosting {Thanks! JollyMom}

I am an email subscriber to JollyMom.com, so my inbox contained the most deliciously described, quick, fun dessert treat. My favorite part was the recipe for homemade cream cheese frosting! {drool}

*So for your record and mine{I'm pretending to put together a cook book}, I wanted to post it up here.

Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting:

2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Zest of one lemon {optional, but so good!}

In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese and butter until creamy. Add the vanilla and lemon zest, then gradually stir in the confectioners' sugar.

~~while you are at JollyMom.com, enter her giveaway for books from Sandra Magsmen~~

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dreamy Winter Coat

I am in love with this coat by Betsey Johnson, which I found online at Overstock.com.
They also have it in Black. I prefer the black because there is no way I can keep white clean, even if it is winter white. I definitely prefer the black!
This beautiful piece would be a wardrobe staple all winter! It is a double-breasted, cashmere blend, knit walker coat and sports a ruffle-flounce hem to keep it feminine and chic.

Right now I will have to keep on loving it online.

That is, unless Overstock wants to send me one to review....*AHEM*.....just a suggestion.

{Free Sample} NEW Total Blueberry Pomegranante Cereal and Dunkin Donuts Coffee

For a free sample of NEW Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal, go HERE and sign up!

For your free sample of Dunkin Donuts Coffee, go HERE to sign yourself up!

**Disclaimer: Free samples are usually available in limited quantities. Sign up immediately for the best chance to recieve these samples. I cannot guarantee these products, companies or their services.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Win, What, Where?!? The Nurse Mommy!

You just have to sign up for The Nurse Mommy blog updates. Show your support and maybe win yourself a prize when you enter all of her giveaways!

Ending 09/20: Zula Patrol DVDs {1 grand prize} and {10 other prizes}VIP Passes to Zula World

Ending 09/30: Anytime Costumes: Toddler, Teen, or Adult costume

Ending 09/30: Dove Nurtium Moisture Serum ...3 Bottles...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Shipping at MomAgenda

MomAgenda is the most wonderful planner, it's well thought out and really helpful....at least I have heard. I haven't had the chance to try one, but I would love to. Especially, with 2010 coming closer every day.

This is from MomAgenda :

"Like “magic jeans,” momAgenda products perfectly fit your busy lifestyle. Versatile and beautiful, our planners and home organizers have everything you need to feel confident at the office and home. For a limited time, our great products are available with free shipping! Use coupon: WOWMOM.

*For the full info and to use the coupon code, make sure you visit their website.