Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, I need a little luck.....a windfall.....some 4 leaf clovers.....

or maybe, this Jade ring will do the trick.

Yumi Chen has a beautiful selection of jewelry, this ring is from the Lucky Jade Collection.
On my list, this jade ring!
'Natural Burmese jade rose paired with sterling silver', is how it is described on the Yumi Chen website. For $40, this is a reasonable price for a lottery win, right?! Well, jade is known for bringing good luck. This ring will definetly bring great looks, but let me know if the luck also comes with it.
What are your thoughts?
Do you own Jade jewelry?
What do you think about the 'powers' of natural stones?? Do you feel they hold a certain energy?

1 comment:

Nicole Feliciano said...

Ohhh, you picked a good one. What a gorgeous ring. Maybe for Mother's Day.