Friday, April 10, 2009

Five Thing Friday


Five Thing Friday (#5) from Pretty Pink Momma has caught my interest so here we go, 5 random things about me or my crazy life. This is my first meme so bear with me as I ramble.

1.) I have only one son who is 19 months going on 19! He thinks he is a bad @ss (pardon my french). I can't keep up with him! He loves to pretend wrestle (you know, gentle tumbling and dramatic grunts so that we don't teach him to actually fight). His FAV movie is Nacho Libre......I know, don't judge me though, he caught us watching it and was enamored. Ever since he found out about Nacho Libre he has insisted on watching it at least once a day. He will even grab me by my hands and drag me over to the DVD player, I give in, and pop it in for him when he is in this kind of mood. This makes me feel like a bad mom sometimes because I let him watch it, I don't know why there is guilt. He is faster than me, smarter than me, and way cuter than me. How do I keep up with that??

2.) My DH is not my DH at all. We are still not married. We have lived together for almost 6 years, and we have a family together and we call each other 'husband' and 'wife', but we have never signed any paperwork to that effect. We are totally committed, the only problem I have with our arrangement is that my last name is still different from his. Should I even care? I know I can have my name changed, and I probably will do that eventually. I don't want to get married, though. Strange, huh?!?

3.) The best dog I ever owned was a Great Dane named Charlie. I had to give him away when I moved to St. Augustine from Gainesville and I have missed him dearly ever since. It breaks my heart, like he was my child. I started crying just from typing about him...........excuse my sniffles. Let me get a tissue. Ok, I'm back....

4.) I have been blogging for well over a year, but have really only used my blog for extra entries to bloggy contests. I am very, extremely, highly interested in expanding my bloggy exposure, so that is part of my reason for jumping into this meme. I don't know how mommy bloggers can actually get so much real content typed and posted! This Five Things Friday has taken me FOREVER this morning, just from all the interuptions. I am babysitting a friend's 6 yr old son today. Kids talking, laundry, etc, keep distracting me(but mostly from kids talking and screaming). I want a bloggy escape, but there are kids here driving me out of my bloggy mind!

HENCE the blog name!

5.) I LOVE the movie "Role Models" right now! Made me laugh so hard, I cried! Literally! HIGHest of Fives!! (Check the deleted scenes for that reference, hysterical!) Bingo,dingo!

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Kimberly said...

Thanks for joining in on my meme! I love your list! Jack Black is awesome, even in Nacho Libre. Don't feel bad about letting him watch it - there are much worse things. I totally want to see Role Models! That is on my to-do list. I just saw I love you Man in the theatre and it was okay, but my hubs and I definitely want to see Role Models. Sounds like you and I like the same type of humor so I am pretty pumped to watch it now!

Leane said...

I love Jack Black too, even in Tenacious D, his rock group! I love a good laugh, so if you have any more movie suggestions, let me in on them.