Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thankful Chores

In the middle of my chores I try to remind myself:

*Be thankful for dirty dishes, it means we have plenty to eat.
*Be thankful for dirty laundry, it means we had lots of messy fun together.
*Be thankful for a dirty floor, it means there are many active feet in my home.
*Be thankful for the dust, it means I was too busy with my little one to notice it settling.
*Be thankful for being so tired, it means that I am a mom!


Felicia said...

Sorry.. i was helping out a friend with their blog and was still logged in as them! I came by to say thank you for reminding us of the positive in the seemingly negative!

Moni Rose said...

Thank you for these beautiful thoughts. I am sharing them with my husband tonight :)

yay for cheerios on the floor, for they mean our daughter is growing big and strong. and we are blessed with little hands in our home!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for writing this, Leane. It is such an excellent reminder.

Now that I think of it, some of my very favorite people have the messiest homes...perhaps because they care more about people than about having sparkling floors and empty sinks. ;)