Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I burst into tears! Please pray for Emma Crew!

When I read this post I burst into tears! Baby Emma is currently in the hospital recovering from massive head trauma suffered at the hands of her daycare caregiver!!! Unthinkable....

My heart aches for Emma, for her devastated parents, for her heartbroken sister, for those who love her and want to see her well again, and for all the babies in the world who are not looked upon as angels, as they should be......

Follow Emma's progress, and....

If you have the means to donate to the Crew family, there is a button on the right side of their blog where you can do that. Emma's parents have both taken an indefinite leave of absence from their jobs to stay by their daughter's bedside. Any and all donations would be a huge blessing.

My soapbox statement:
I am so thankful for my son. So overjoyed for every moment that I spend with him....even when I am frustrated at his stubbornness. That said: I REFUSE to put my son in day care! I have always known that I would fight tooth and nail to avoid that system at all cost. We live in FL and about twice a year we hear of babies left in the daycare van and dying from heat, or other daycare tragedies, and now I am heartbroken to hear of EMMA.
We struggle financially and I have been
belittled (multiple times), even by my best friend, for not putting my son in daycare and getting 'a real job' ....but, caring for my son is the most 'real', most important job that I was put on this earth for.....and no one else's opinion matters.
I am not criticizing other parents, I am just saying that I made every change possible in my life to earn money working from home because being the caregiver of my son was the #1 job to me....something I will trust
no one else in the whole world with......an incident like this is why......so don't tell me to get a real job, and don't tell me that I am wrong for what I do OR the choices I make, and I won't have to tell you that my son was almost killed by a careless-minimum-wage-daycare-worker!

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