Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Perfect Gift for {A Mom In Red High Heels}

I love to read A Mom in Red High Heels! So, as I was perusing my new FAVORITE apparel site Unique Vintage this evening....I came across this cutie!

Andrew Hamilton Crawford Sterling Silver and Crystal High Heel Shoe Necklace

{you have to visit the Unique Vintage site to view the pic}

So, this is an e-gift of sorts to Tammy (go read her blog). If I had it my way, I would have already ordered it for her, but I have to settle with shooting her an email about it. Imaginary Gifting at its best.


Stephanie said...

I like Tammy's blog too! I check in regularly there.

And you're right - that necklace is *perfect* for her. I wonder if she'll buy it as a result of this post. :)

Leane said...

I do love Tammy's wit and style! She said she loved the necklace but I don't know if she'll splurge. Thanks for reading and commenting!