Friday, May 1, 2009

Imaginary Home Makeover

Once again I have the bug to redecorate but have not been bitten by the '$ fairy'. I love to cruise around on you don't even know. Today I was focusing on the living room because it is so very bare. It is so very baby friendly, but sort of "sterile" (as my mother would say). So when looking for any type of furniture on overstock I always find great pieces at great prices. Today did not fail me, I quickly found all the pieces I felt would be very useful, but that also had great eye candy appeal. First, the end tables.....we have nowhere to set things down except for the floor or people with kids, you already know where this scenario leads. Ok, moving on. For the end tables, I immediately found what is a perfect example of all the things I wanted: Birch Drum Tables . Here is what I like most.

>>Great design. Bun feet keep it off the floor, so it is easy to see if anything 'snuck' underneath. When you open the door, there is a bit of storage. I really LUV that you can hide items behind closed doors, literally!
>>They are ROUND. I have a boy! Sharp corners and boys who think they can fly do.not.go.together. Enough said. I love that this is a round table but with style. {Knights back in the day had a round table&they were all boys, bet somebody put there eye out at one of those old school meetings....and that table had to be made round. Sorry, I ramble some days}
>>To be honest, I thought they looked simple, useful and safe. PLUS, durable and re-purposable (is that a word), because I love the thought of furniture that can be moved from room to room and still look great for years to come.
>>On the Overstock site, if you scroll down on this particular listing page, there is a 360 view also. Extra info and pictures makes me feel more secure when buying online. Another great point.

I ALSO found these corner cabinets. Thomasville Four Corners Lizette Corner Cabinet, to be exact. My thinking was that they are round (& safer than bookshelves with corners) and also that they help add storage, clutter/toys will be held behind doors, and they will utilize empty corner spaces(for organization, even). I think I want 2. I know it seems like overkill, but I LUV the mediterranean blue. I want one for the living room and one for the corner in {T}boys room. No? I also wondered if 2 could be placed back to you see where I am going with it, like a half-round cabinet. Since it's imaginary, I'll pretend that would ever work. Anywho.

Aldan Brown Bi-cast Leather/ Microfiber 4-piece Sofa Set

Plus, it would need different pillows obviously. I would like for it to be a little closer to deep tan and less rust colored, but it is a closeout. I have heard that microfiber holds up well to kids. Anyone care to give me a ye or nay?

My FAV item is this piece of art, aptly titled SURF. >>>>

Can't you see this haging above that sofa?!

I would also love to hang some small mirrors and scattered pictures of family and the ocean, or maybe even pics of family at the ocean.

SEEMS to be a brown, teal, aqua type color scheme which seems like it would be peaceful. It needs some plants, I think, but the boy would destroy them. Hmmm, lovely imaginary shopping. So, do you do this too? Imaginary retail therapy anyone??

The room is lovely in my bloggy mind!

[Note: At the time of writing this, all of these pieces are available on , but they do sell out quickly, so I cannot guarantee availability. I do not have any relationship with and also cannot guarantee quality or any other details of your transaction with them.]

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Stephanie said...

That sofa set looks oh-so-cozy. Modern, yet totally homey. I love it!