Sunday, May 3, 2009

I drive a car with a tape deck......and other random thoughts.

I drive a car that only plays tapes (I don't own any tapes anymore) and it only gets one radio station. *Gotta upgrade!
I used to keep thinking that 'I WILL' get caught up on laundry and dishes. Now I'm thinking 'I'm insane' to think these two things will ever come close to a finished status. We always have to eat and wear clothes.....and we live here all the time, so 'here' will always be a mess. *Gotta learn when to give up!
I am also thinking I have control issues and OCD issues. *Gotta learn how to let go.
I am letting you know here that I have a coffee addiction. * Gotta go make a cup!

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Gina said...

A car with a tape deck huh? You know, sound quality aside, I miss my cassette tapes. My hubby made me throw all of mine away I had BOXES of them... HOW RUDE!

Katie Lyons said...

I always am getting frusterated that just as soon as I'm done cleaning something, it's messy again. So I totally understand how you feel. Even though logically you know it's not possible to clean the house once and be done with it, you still can't help but hope :)

Kimberly said...

Girl, go buy yourself some tapes! Or I can send you about three boxes full that I never had the heart to get rid of!

Also, I'm right there with you on the whole never getting caught up on dishes or laundry. Those two things are a neverending problematic cycle in my house. As soon as I get caught up I think, I won't let it get that bad again, until a week later I find that, oops, I did.

Leane said...

Thanks ladies!

I am glad I am not alone.
I always have a day where I get overwhelmed, the dishes get put off & pile up, then I think 'I'll get them caught up tom., just let me get to bed'...well tomorrow never comes, I mean, I just don't seem to truly ever get caught up.

Feel free to donate tapes, 'cause I don't think I will pay to have a cd player installed any time soon.