Sunday, April 26, 2009

Focus Friday on Sunday

Focus Friday

So, last week I posted about how there is No Rest For The Weary. Here is the update. I cleaned the living room in Spring Cleaning Style.
  • Vacuumed whole room, including edges, doors, door frames, windows, blinds and windowsills, plus the baseboards.

  • Murphy's Oil Soaped almost all smooth surfaces. Including the wooden entertainment center(inside & out), ALL baseboards (how do they get so disgusting?!), blinds, window sills, door frames and doors.

  • Windows were cleaned! Which is an amazing task for me to accomplish. Not only that, I also tilted them and cleaned the outside. I will break my own arm patting my back now. Also, I cleaned the frames and latches. Anal retentive, I know!
  • Cleaned light fixtures and ceiling fan. Washed glass globes, wiped blades, reassemble.....DH did help alot with this.
I actually did accomplish this in one afternoon. The only catch was that my son woke from his nap before pics could be taken with toys picked up. So I still thought it looked amazing and that I would just take this pics anyways. Then, I stood back and snapped.....and realized in pics it looks EXACTLY the same. Big letdown.
'After' photos:

The last photo is my Thank You to the cleanup crew; AKA DYSON {which is a lifesaver}, Shark floor steamer, microfiber towels, my bucket of Murphy's mix, paper towels and Windex. Silly to even post, but I had the satisfaction of knowing it was done.

**For This Week:

Do Dishes today & Keep Dishes caught up
Sanitize {T}boy's cups and toys too.
Catch Up on LAUNDRY
>Can these even humanly be done simultaneously?? I should have split them into 2 different weeks.

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