Thursday, July 31, 2008

July is National Ice Cream Month

I did not know that July was/is National Ice Cream Month.....did you?

I am delighted to hear that this country has its priorities in line. Over at Moms In A Blog, they have priorities too, that's why they are hosting an Ice Cream Giveaway.

My Favorite Flavor happens to be Coffee,

but while looking on the website I realized that I would LUV to try the Green Tea flavor too.

My son is getting ready to turn 1. He has had very little interest in big people food until recently, but ever since he was born he will attack you for an ice cream cone. I do mean ATTACK! When you bring out a luscious ice cream cone, he turns into a ravenous bear!

I dare you to come to my house with a cone and face him............
I need to win this giveaway so that there is enough Ice Cream to share with this Bear!

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