Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review: Clorox Green Works Glass Cleaner

I recently purchased a bottle of Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner from the new "green" home cleaning product line produced Clorox, Green Works™ at my local Wal-Mart.

"Green Works™ cleaners are made from 99 percent natural plant-based ingredients and perform as well as conventional cleaners. And Green Works™ bottles are 100 percent recyclable."
I have always used Windex on our glass dining room table and sometimes the smell can be daunting, so I try not to use it near our 6 month old son. When I first used the Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner I noticed how light the citrus scent is, and I definetly prefer it. I also noticed that I had used waaaay too much. After several trials, I found I only need about three sprays of the Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, compared to eight or so of the Windex spray. The Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner goes a long way, so you use less, which saves money, time, and the environment.
Clorox Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner not only helps lessen my impact on the environment but it also provides superior cleaning. I highly recommend the Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner.

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