Monday, February 25, 2008

Polliwalks Giveaway

Ah, yes, here I am again with the wonder that is 7 Dogs......

By now you must realize that 7 Dogs and A Baby is my 'go-to' site for reviews and amazing giveaway possibilities.
You do realize you should be there too, right!?? Go now!

Angela @ 7 Dogs and A Baby provides your daily allowance of blog.

The newest giveaway is for Polliwalks kids clogs. TOYS FOR FEET!

Polliwalks come in cute animal shapes and have animal tracks on the bottom so you can track your animal in the sand. Currently they are available in Gator, Ladybug, Duck, and Frog and each sports a matching footprint tracks on the bottom. I personally would love to see the Lime Frog in our shoe lineup.
When the kids are done laying down tracks, Polliwalks slip off for easy cleaning--spray off with the water hose, a quick rinse in the sink, or throw them in your decontamination chamber.

Make sure you get in your entry to win Polliwalks. Visit 7 Dogs and A Baby before March 3 and post your comment before midnight.

>>Good luck!

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