Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pippalily Sling Giveaway

Another great giveaway over at 7 Dogs and A Baby!

Pippalily has an absolutely beautiful selection of baby slings. One of their baby slings may be your next favorite fashion accessory. Angela says, "One feature I will not about these pouch slings is the seat portion is actually a bit more curved (deeper) than on any of the other slings I own. When using these slings in a back hold especially I feel SOO much more secure as Connor sits deeper into the pouch than he does in his other slings. The silk also seems so much lighter and cooler than my cotton slings which is great with the upcoming summer weather in Alabama and Flordia, I'm sure Connor will appreciate that on our long evening walks. I also appreciate the fact that I actually feel pretty in my workout clothes thanks to these slings. That alone is a miracle in itself."

Check out her page every day, you will not want to miss anything!

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