Monday, February 25, 2008

ANAMALZ Giveaway

7 Dogs and A Baby has another great giveaway opportunity: ANAMALZ!

You will absolutely fall in love with the Anamalz website and I dare you not to move it and shake it when you hear their music and theme song. Which one will be your favorite?

Here is what Angela says:

"Welcome to my new addiction! Anamalz are a new wooden toy distributed here in the US by Hape International. Anamalz are made in Australia and meets or exceeds American and European safety standards. All of the materials used are nontoxic including the glue! They are made from polished maple wood giving each Anamalz their own unique look so no two are identical which I love as every child gets their own special looking Anamalz, the character of the grain of the wood in my opinion gives the Anamalz a unique organic quality thats beautiful as well as a character all their own.Currently available in 26 diffrent animals from farm to safari with more in the works they offer a large variety for play as well as a collectible aspect that appeals to me! Personally we would LOVE to have one of each.. (hey Connor's birthday is coming up!)One thing I should mention, Anamalz takes care of Animals!! A percentage of each Anamalz purchased goes towards wildlife charities around the world."
Just like the song says: "When I'm happy I shake my tail!" This giveaway makes me happy!
Go to 7 Dogs and A Baby before midnight tonight (02/25) and enter to win.

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